I am racist, and so are you.

Posted: August 23, 2014 in Everday Life

Being Shadoan

And the sooner we both acknowledge this, the sooner we can begin to address the problem. So let’s talk.

“Wait just a minute here, Rachel. You’re like, the least racist person I know. You’re always sharing stuff about race and racism. You couldn’t possibly be racist.”

Here’s the deal. Racism isn’t just guys in white robes and Paula Deen shouting racial slurs. Racism is subtle, racism is insidious, and our culture is so deeply steeped in it that it’s impossible to grow up in the US and not be racist. It’s a kind of brainwashing: a set of default configuration files that come with the culture. It’s a filter, built up from birth, that alters our perception of the world. (Literally–racial bias makes people see weapons that aren’t there.) Racism isn’t just conscious actions; it’s judgements that happen so fast that we may not even be aware of…

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Myths and truths about santeria!

In following from my previous  blog…

I think its important to address the steps into initiation into the Ocha. There are several different steps which a person would take before they are able to receive Santo( to seat your orisha on your head.) Prior to this ceremony there are several steps.

The First Step: You need to have your spirit guides and ancestors in order. What do I mean by this? It’s simple, lets pay homage to  all those guides who are in your spiritual  relm that are guiding you adn helping you each day. this can be from family members who have passed away and spirits who have come to help guide you in your life. This homage can be done  by setting aside a table where you set up cups of water. I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of images of this or people who make reference and say…

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Another year begins and I’m a year older . As my anniversary of my birthday comes to an end. I have to say this past year  has been one of the most difficult I’ve ever had to endure. It’s been that one year in your life whereby you question your direction, your purpose and whether your  on the right course. You begin to awaken  to the words of wisdom and question everything about how one is living and how to gain strength to change  the way we are to self improve our identity as humans and to correct the errs where created along this non conformist life we’ve been given. Short some of us have been dealt a bad hand but it’s times to learn everything is variable and the only constant is you yourself. One ultimately must live through their choices but not be held captivate my ransom of fear.
Engaging with friends and families one begins to revise I’ve begun to hear how hurt so many people are. How many problems we’ve created  just so we could re live our child , recreating the desires and projecting those until our friends and family


I just finished watching channel 55 and I’m just appauled by some of the things I hear on the news. Most recent was the news story  of a campaign to stamp out hunger on Long Island. Caned goods were being donated and  were being shipped  to a nassau mall for students to create sculptures with the can goods. I understand the theory and motivation and perhaps the motiviating factors behind the children and young people involved. But, give me a break! People are hungry and your holding can goods for a sculpture contest?. I cannot just fathom the idea. It just doesnt sit well on my mind. Could they maybe have created food kitchens, a bike race or a run where they could have had people donate more for the cause. Just amazes me how people think. It makes me remeber how one organization on long island decided to study the migration habits of migrants from Oaxaca Mexico . Great idea Long Islanders but it doesnt take a phD to relise that the majority of migrants are from El Salvador and perhaps understanding their migration  motivations might ease the racial tensions than study the migratory patterns of another culture.

Long Islanders and people who are out for lunch! Lets put some practicality into the way we think and into the way we deliver our promise. If you were hungry how would you feel about food that could potentially  be in your hands is in a mall  being used as goods for a sculpture? I dont think the idea would sit well woth you.  Nonetheless I said my pieace.


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A Year later and still in search!


After reading job ads after job ads  employers still have the audacity to ask why do you want to work for us.

I really welcome the next job interview I’m invited to attend.  Perhaps, its time , as  an employee(S) we hold accountable employers when they ask ridiculous questions such as above. How many of you were ever asked such questions? It sad till this day there are employers till asking this question. Is it a valid question  I  would say it isn’t. As a former Human Resource manager, we know  why people are searching for work! It’s simple we need a job. American is no longer a place  where  a career is permissible, however the “career” as we know it is the ability to continue finding another job. A career almost equates being a gypsy, without all the glamor. 

Remember what it feels like to receive that phone call…

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The city that never sleeps
Buzzing around the clock
Army of ants building its mounds
Lights ,  the clamour the noise
Of a thousand bottles of coke
Crushed to the blow of car saying
get out my way!

That was the new york I knew

Civil disobedience peace unknow
Hassadic jews in williamsburg
Blacks in crown heights
Silver lined with alcohol crossed racial line in two separate folds
Light spiff a rude awaken gavo gato was born in yesterdays line

That was the new york I knew

Tripping at the night sky
Placing my right hand on my chest
I pledge allegiance to the family
Who protected me
Who made things right
Who guarded my streets
Who showed me the ropes
Who played stick ball in the streets
Who made headlines ut umm
Fulton fish market
Need I say more
Lights out forgetabout it

That was the new york I knew

Waterfall of a birmingham campaign
Defiant children smiling, laughing
To a Foce of a thousand drops of the cold crest
Hiding in its shine from the sweltering heat of a uknow culprit
Little minds filed with dreams of making it big
Unknow  traits of the favorite bodega  buzy with a crew of 66
Man in white and two piegons
Minds licking their icey watching as the man in right grabs the piegeons and lets free they go
years pass several wounded
my cherry filled body lays on the ground cherry icey spilled

That was the new york I knew

Army of ants rule
King bloombito
Fascist at heart
Ticket  here ticket there
Toll here

Street food karts civil disobeidnace.
Pretzsls no more
Carrots and peas on a stick
Open pump is a hydrogen bomb
And filled with a thousand bullets

This is new york now!
Good bye new york!


As I was driving down the FDR Drive last night I couldn’t be more amazed by the brilliant  skyline  that captivates all of us. I couldn’t help but remember how the twin towers appeared when they stood and I couldn’t help remember being on the FDR and seeing the evacuation occur as I was in cat crawl traffic trying to get to safety with a few people I picked up on the way. New York City has defiantly  shown its colors as a city that will persevere in any  obstacle it faces.

However, as I approached closer to the Brooklyn bride, I began thinking more and more about the incident and  how it has affected us. We speak about it , but it has almost become  a thought  that escapes the mind . It soon will become a pearl harbor just a day or remembrance for our future generations.


I beginning thinking about how many changes occurred in the city, how many people over the years have become sick, mysterious illness doctors just cannot attribute to their symptoms,  and  mayor  who ‘somehow’ was able to maintain power for over 12 year since the incidence, the high rate of cancer that now appears.  Everywhere I turn i hear someone has developed cancer. I stood thinking more and the conspiracy wheels  sprung out of control.  What mayor in any other city has launched such  strong campaign  against fast food. There are not that many, how many mayors of large cities are willing to put a toll into a major city?Not many….

It makes me wonder if there was more to what happened in 911. Makes  me wonder why so many people are coming down with cancer? Why launch such a huge campaign against fast food? Why the change in  lowering the age for certain procedures. What the reason behind such campaign  promoting public health awareness are they geared at the public interest or is it a way to escape answering the real questions , what did happen on 911? How does a plane just disappear? We can put a man on the moon but we loose radar of  a plane.  A plane supposedly hits the pentagon but there are no horizontal indicator in the damage… Really makes your wonder considering the track record of America. Oh did I mentioned on that day the country was  in war game mode………

It really doesn’t matter if you live along the eastern sea board or the bible belt of America . It seems educators and administrators alike are making the same mistake! I just saw that Florida Department of Education are reducing the passing score on its FCAT test. This is just atrocious and an injustice to its students.

As I’ve explained before students are not learning and are just being taught to take a test. Educators continue to reinvent exams and theorize on the best method of education rather than identifying what actually works . We are creating a divide in our students and in fact are poisoning an stunting the growth of our future workforce with frivolous beta testing of the best method of instruction to pass a test.

I challenge any state departments’ education to state the fact: our students are not learning and we have failed our students natural tendency for educational inquiry and learning. Many states have been imbued by personal agendas and nepotism. Administrators hire consultants who have no connection to the students in the classroom and expect the consultant’s final piece to be an epiphany to solve the crisis of education in America.



Moving is never an easy thing.I wonder if reinventing one self is easier? For the last few months I have been searching for employment with no avail. I’ve sent out resume after resume. Quiet honestly with some fear. I think the fear steams from my last employers. Ive discovered there are clear signs of a dysfunctional  work place, however can I apply that seem criterion when it comes to employers in Florida. I’ve been in Florida for about 2 weeks and all i can keep saying to my self is : perhaps i should move further south? However, to move further south I have to be able to apply skills to a new  population of people with different beliefs and ethics this is no stroll in a park.  I’ve been reviewing some of the job boards and some employers still have the nerve to be sexiest,  ageist and have the gall to request a MSW for only $9.00? There is something very wrong with the picture? Anyone want to comment?